Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Alma 51: "A few particular points of the law"

Alma 51 always cracks me up. It's not so much what happens, because the subject matter is not all that hilarious, but how it is written is rather funny. In verse 2 we learn that:

...there began to be a contention among the people concerning the chief judge Pahoran; for behold, there were a part of the people who desired that a few particular points of the law should be altered.

Ok, there are some people who want to change a few things about the law. That's normal, right? But then you get down to verse 5 and discover:

...they were desirous that the law should be altered in a manner to overthrow the free government and to establish a king over the land.

Just a few particular points, eh? Like the chief judge? And freedom? And the government?

Just a few particular points of the law...

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ol' Bob said...

Chief judge, president, king... no big deal, right? They're all about the same.

Interesting observation. Thank you for pointing it out.