Saturday, June 16, 2012

T-Mobile and Tithing

One thing I have noticed in my life is that if I pay my tithing, I always have enough money for my bills and other necessities. At times I do not know where my needed money will come from, but it always comes. These are some of the blessings I have received in the past, which have also helped me financially:
  • I won a ward cooking contest. The prize was actually money and a gift certificate to the mall, which allowed me to make some needed purchases.
  • Sometimes, someone pays me back, either in money or kind acts, for something I've done or given them earlier.
  • I often find that many of my meals are provided by others, such as friends, family, church members, church functions, co-workers, or even by my work itself. I do not ask for these meals, but I am very grateful for them.
  • I am given clothing from friends or family members, and I also find nice clothing at D.I. Sometimes I find brand new clothing at D.I., and the clothes are actually cute too, not from the 80's. I consider this a blessing.
  • I receive a rebate or reward or gift card in the mail or from a friend or family member.
  • My friends or family generously help me to accomplish tasks that otherwise would cost more money (or sometimes time), such as allowing me to use their washer and dryer, or mending my pants and shirts.
And so forth.

Most recently, I accidentally answered a phone call from T-Mobile (my phone was in a sandwich bag, so I guess I hit the wrong button when I pulled it out of my pocket). I don't normally care to talk to solicitors, but I went ahead with it this time (I am a T-Mobile customer).

The man was calling to follow up on a text survey I had responded to earlier this year. He asked me about my answers, and I told him why I'd chosen them, and the whole call lasted maybe three or four minutes. At the end of the call, he informed me that he would be placing a $25 credit on my account to thank me for my time.

This is interesting to me. I know there are people out there who would say, "Oh, that's only $25, it doesn't really matter," but my finances are always tighter in the summer--there's less work (and thus less money), plus I have to register my car, plus I still have everything else I normally pay for. Even $25 is incredibly helpful, and I never would have foreseen that source of income. I count it as a blessing.

It makes sense to me that God would provide for those who pay their tithing. Even if I can't see how I can possibly make it through certain months or certain weeks, He has the wealth of the whole earth and universe at His disposal. I've proved this principle over and over again, and it works every time, sometimes to the penny: if I pay my tithing, He will take care of me.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Back From the Dead

Speaking of family history, I decided yesterday that a good place to start might be simply to familiarize myself with what's already been done.

I sometimes think of Family History, and I think that I should be doing something, but I don't actually know what I am supposed to be doing. It will probably be easier to figure out what needs doing once I've figured out what's already been done.

Astounding logic, I know.