Friday, November 7, 2008

Alma 1 and 2: The Amlicites

I flipped to Alma 1 the other day (v. 19-33), and found it rather interesting:

The Nephites were persecuted for their humility, but some of them were proud and fought back (v. 22). Because of the growing contention, many members were excommunicated or fell away (v. 24). This was a trying time for the steadfast members of the church, but the good news is that the people who bore their trials with patience, and who exercised Christ-like love to their neighbors, were sustained and prospered.

Things got more interesting in chapter 2:

Amlicites versus Nephites: Amlici wants to be king (I wonder how many of the apostate Nephites were Amlicites...), but according to Nephite law, such a step would have to be voted upon.

A vote was taken.

Guess who won? Not Amlici.

The Amlicites were upset. They didn't like the way the vote had turned out. So instead of accepting the vote of the people, they decided to call Amlici their king anyway, and kill anyone who disagreed with them.

There was a battle. A few battles, actually. I'll spoil the ending for you and tell you who won: the Nephites. Even when the Amlicites joined up with the Lamanite armies, the Nephites won.

Why? Because the Nephites were righteous, so "the Lord did strengthen the hand of the Nephites" (v. 18). They were obedient. They didn't fight except to defend their lives and their families. Thousands of Nephites died in the battle, but they did ultimately win, and the Amlicites eventually gave up and ran away.

What can I learn from this? Keep the commandments, be faithful and obedient, love my neighbor. The Lord will take care of the rest.


ol' Bob said...

The Lord will indeed take care of the rest as long as you accept the possibility that you might be one of the ones who don't survive the battles.

elegyrl said...

I think you are amazing! I love your example and all that you do to share your testimony with others and to teach through your own learning! I have never really had any major testimony challenges like with the recent election but I know now more than ever that I made the right choices and I know that despite all the opposition does Heavenly Father has a plan! It will all be ok for me as long as I choose the right!

LW said...

I love how dad always has some "debbie downer" comment to make.... : ) Keep up the good work Renee. Chin up, keep the faith and always hold onto hope. Love you!!