Friday, October 10, 2008

The Way

When Elder Lawrence E. Corbridge began his talk on Saturday afternoon, my mind started to hurt from trying to make sense of so many short powerful statements. However, the further in he got, the easier it was for me to listen. Now, as I read his talk over again, I find that I like it immensely, and I like it better in print than I do in voice.

You can read the full text to Elder Corbridge's talk "The Way" here, but I'll include the parts that spoke to me the most:

"There is only one way to happiness and fulfillment. He is the Way. Every other way, any other way, whatever other way, is foolishness."

"Only God can bless us. Only He can ... give us strength to bear up the burdens of life. Only He can give us power, knowledge, peace, and joy. Only He can ... heal us. Only He can change us and forge a godly soul."

"Every good thing depends on getting and keeping the power of the Holy Ghost in our lives. Everything depends on that."

"One of the most popular and attractive philosophies of men is to live life your own way, do your own thing, be yourself, don’t let others tell you what to do. But the Lord said, 'I am the way.' He said, 'Follow me.' He said, 'What manner of men ought ye to be? Verily I say unto you, even as I am.'

"Don’t think you can’t. We might think we can’t really follow Him because the standard of His life is so astonishingly high as to seem unreachable. We might think it is too hard, too high, too much, beyond our capacity, at least for now. Don’t ever believe that. While the standard of the Lord is the highest, don’t ever think it is only reachable by a select few who are most able...

"...this is not a human endeavor. It is, rather, the work of God...

"...while the Lord’s invitation to follow Him is the highest of all, it is also achievable by everyone, not because we are able, but because He is, and because He can make us able too."

"The Lord’s way is not hard. Life is hard, not the gospel."

"Life is hard, but life is simple. Get on the path and never, ever give up. You never give up. You just keep on going. You don’t quit, and you will make it."

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elegyrl said...

I really enjoyed his talk too! I think a lot of what you shared is what stood out to me too! It is amazing how the Lord can speak to us through conference and the ensign and every other way he has given us to obey! I look back on my first experience with general confernce I had only been a member a week (well 6 days for the Sat sessions) and I didn't really listen I think I slept often and just overall didn't realize its importance! I am glad I do now! What a difference it makes in my life!