Sunday, September 14, 2008

From Regional Conference

I've changed my note-taking over the years so that I no longer write down what people are actually saying (unless I want a direct quote), but rather write down what I think about them saying, or I write questions I have about what they say, or how what they are saying affects me. This is not such a good approach in school (trust me, I tried it), but I've found it helpful in church. Thus any notes I post are not necessarily what was discussed in my church meetings, but rather are thoughts I had regarding the subject.

1. Why can't we just see the plates to know it's true? That would make life a lot easier, after all. Why did the plates have to get taken away again? Why do we have to read and ponder and ask?

My answer: Because if you see the plates and touch them, you are understanding physically that they are true. There is a difference between understanding things physically and understanding them spiritually, and you can't gain a spiritual witness through physical means, generally speaking.

2. Children seem to have faith naturally. They do not doubt. How is this possible?

My answer: Children don't realize how imperfect the world is. They don't see all of people's shortcomings, and they don't see their own shortcomings. Children still believe in honesty and fairness. I think it is easier for them to conceive of a perfect being and a perfect plan that would involve eternal happiness for every person. For older people who can see the imperfection in the world, and especially in ourselves, it is harder to believe that such perfection is possible.


ol' Bob said...

If I may respectfully disagree, I doubt that the existence of the plates would convince very many people who are not susceptible to believing through faith. Discovery of some of the papyrus fragments associated with the Book of Abraham has stirred up controversy rather than reducing it. If the plates existed, there would be loud demands to have the plates analyzed and studied by "competent authorities" not beholden to the believers.

Of course I'd like to see the plates, not to mention that Liahona thing.

elegyrl said...

I think faith is incredible! I love that it takes faith to have faith... if that makes any sense at all! It seems that even atfer 8 1/2 years in the church I am still regularly learning what it is and means to have faith! It's just incredible! There is no better word that I can think of at this hour! Thanks for all your faith and prayers in my family situation right now! I appreciate it and I know my family does too! I think that my dad has had a major lesson in faith this week and I cannot wait to see what comes of it after his recovery! :)

renée said...

Bob: That was my point, though I don't think I asked the question quite right. I meant it as, "Yes, why CAN'T we just see them to believe it? Why doesn't that work?"

Elegyrl: Perhaps more than calcifications will have been chipped away from his heart when this is all over.